I am a young 51 years old (just try keeping up)
I am very single but always have my eye out one never knows when the love bug will bite.
The natural smell of a man.
I love nuzzling into his neck and just taking deep breaths.

The feeling of when you have found someone you like and they like you.



When things click the way I want them to

Winning at pool

Getting a gift by surprise

I have another turn-on but I will let you find out for yourself.
I hate to be lied to,
if I ask a question I want to know the answer.
I won't ask a question I want to know the answer to. Even if you don't want to give me the answer because you think it will upset me I still want the truth. I am a big girl and I can handle it.

A funky smelling man

Someone trying to haggle over my rate

Being bored

The end of a good night


Oh yes, I do, I have many but these are my top favorites.
not in any particular order,
and playing pool
As far as music goes I will listen to most anything as far as favorite bands go here are a few of my favorites.
Alien Ant Farm
Queens Of The Stone Age
There are so many more I could go on for a long time.
Yes I do but there are so many colors that I can't go with just one.
The color of skin.
The color purple and some might think black to be a favorite of mine because I wear a lot of it. The color of sunset.
OH do I ever,

Fireball and chocolate milk.
MMMMM MMMmmm mmmm
No, to me half an hour is a quick visit.
Not usually.
If it is the first time ever meeting the answer is absolutly not.
If we have met a couple of times al ready and you don't make it a habit I will meet on occasion for a car date BUT only if I feel comfortable enough at the time.
Do try to show up on time.
I know shit happens and if it is happening please let me know as soon as you do.

Do be ready.
There is a lot to say for soap and water, use it.

Do remember if you want to kiss me to brush your teeth and maybe even chew on some gum before we meet.

Do leave your donation where I can see it please don't make me have to remind you about it.

Do remember I am a normal person like yourself I too have a family and another life outside of being a provider.

Don't try to get me to lower my rates
nothing more is upsetting and it makes me want to not even give you the time of day for doing so.

Don't make an appointment and not show up for it
and expect to make another appointment at another time.

Don't send me texts that mention sex acts of any kind those texts will go unanswered.

Don't call me up and expect to get to see me right away. If you text me expect no less than a two-hour wait but it could be longer depending on what I have going on when you call.